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TRIO is a federal program designed to provide educational opportunities for low-income, first-generation students, and students with learning or physical disabilities. The program aims to increase college retention and graduation rates.

The TRIO program helps students overcome economic, social and academic boundaries to higher education by assisting with basic college requirements and providing students with needed support.

Montana Western’s TRIO program is part of the Student Success team and works closely with all campus offices and academic departments to maximize the opportunity for each student to succeed.


Qualified TRIO students can take advantage of the following:

·       Consistent and persistent guidance, mentoring and support throughout each student’s university experience.
·       A first-year program for incoming freshman.
·       Advice and assistance in selection of college courses and schedule management in collaboration with the student’s faculty advisor.
·       Access to a dedicated computer lab and supportive technology.
·       Assistance with graduate school search and application process.
·       Information and assistance on student financial aid programs and scholarships.
·       Assistance with college campus and social issues.
·       Assistance with the university graduation process.
·       Workshops in academic, life, and career skills.


1.     Fill out and submit a TRIO application.

2.     Based on eligibility and availability, you will be invited to participate in TRIO Student Support Services. We are currently granted to provide services to 160 Western students.


TRIO programs help low-income, first-generation, and disabled students realize their educational potential. Students receiving TRIO services are more likely to enroll and graduate from a postsecondary education program. The national average of low-income students completing a Bachelor’s is 8.3%. The average for Montana TRIO student completing a Bachelor’s is 24%.

TRIO Works!

*For more information on TRIO SSS programs please visit the link below.

*MTAspire TRIO SSS facts book an interesting overview of TRIO participants in Montana.

TRIO Staff

If you have any questions, please contact TRIO staff.

Ilene Cohen
(406) 683-7311

Jeanna Meier-Francisconi
Academic Advisor
(406) 683-7314

Rob Micken
Academic Advisor
First Year Program Coordinator
(406) 683-7332

Nicole Nygren
Academic Advisor
(406) 683-7315