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Student Copier Instructions

To make a copy

    *If the printers’ front display is dark, push the “Energy Saver” button and it will wake up.

  1. On the front display push the button labeled
    “Alternate Login”
  2. Enter your UMW username, hit “Enter”.
    ex. firstname.lastname (DO NOT add
  3. Enter your password, hit “Enter”. (8000# unless you’ve changed it)
  4. After logon completes, click “Copy” and it will bring up all copy options. Adjust as needed and hit “Start” when you’re ready!
  5. Once you’re finished, BE SURE YOU LOG OUT!
    Click your name in the top-right corner of the screen and select “Logout”, then confirm.

*The copier auto detects jobs containing ANY color and charges them as color copies. If your job contains ANY color but you only want B&W copies, BE SURE TO CHANGE THE SETTING FROM AUTO DETECT TO BLACK & WHITE ONLY!


Printing from Personal Android/iOS Devices, Personal Mac Laptop, and Personal Windows Laptop

To print from your device or laptop please Click here to connect your device.

For assistance, go to:


PaperCut Web Print

You are now able to print PDF documents to the campus Xerox’s using the web. This service is available for all students, staff, and faculty with active UMW accounts. To print from the web:

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in with your Montana Western credentials
  3. Select “Web Print” in the left margin
  4. Click “Submit a Job” and select the desired printer
  5. Click “Print Options and Account Selection”
  6. Click “Upload your documents”
  7. Click “Upload from Computer” or drag files as indicated
  8. Click “Upload and complete” and you’re done!

Note – WebPrint and PersonalPrint require all documents to be in PDF format

Download directions for PDF conversion here.