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Mission Statement - Strategic Planning

Mission Statement – Strategic Planning

The latest version of the mission statement (prior to our first round of community feedback) was:

Revision 1: As leaders in innovative pedagogy, the University of Montana Western embraces concentrated experiential education in order to challenge motivated students to learn through practicing their professional pursuits today.

The great majority of community feedback was supportive of this version. However, there were comments that took issue with

  • The word “pedagogy,” because this word was considered to be jargon,
  • The word “concentrated,” because this word was considered to be vague,
  • the notion that we are claiming to only serve motivated students, and
  • the phrase “professional pursuits,” because in the academic world, professional degrees and professional programs primarily fill the role of job training, while the mission of a university is much broader than that.

In response to these pieces of feedback, the mission statement subcommittee developed a revised mission statement. We believe it still captures our original intent but in a way that is more precise. We also believe it addresses the feedback we’ve outlined above.

Revision 2: As leaders and innovators in experiential education, the University of Montana Western cultivates motivation and resilience in students and empowers them to learn through immersive practice in their field of study today.

Before proceeding with the rest of our development efforts in the strategic planning steering committee, we are seeking answers to two questions.

Please provide your feedback using the form below no later than February 21, 2020.

Your email address will only be used in case we need to contact you for clarification on your feedback.