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Resident Individual Meal Costs

The cost for the 2018 Spring semester is $2,400. This allows students all-day access and $130 to be used in the Bark-n-Bite convenience store.

Students living in the Residence Halls are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plan refunds are available only upon leaving campus. A daily prorated refund schedule is available upon request from Business Services or the Residence Life office.

Besides the basic meal plan, non-resident students have the option of putting Bulldog Bucks on their ID card which can be used for payment in the Dining Hall to host guests or in the Bark-n-Bite Convenience Store. A discount is given when Bulldog Bucks are used to purchase a meal in the Dining Hall.

Residents pay less than $20/day throughout the semester for unlimited access to the Dining Hall.

Non-Resident Individual Meal Costs

Breakfast (7:00am-10:45am)

Bulldog Bucks $6.50
Cash $7:00

Lunch (11:15-12:45)

Bulldog Bucks $6.50
Cash $8.00

Dinner (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Bulldog Bucks $7.50
Cash $9.00