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1. Alcohol

The University of Montana Western follows all state and federal statutes. In accordance with state law, students under the age of 21 cannot consume or possess alcohol. When both residents of the room are under the age of 21, neither they nor their guests/visitors may possess or consume alcohol. This includes shot glasses, alcohol decorations (trophy bottles), empty alcohol containers, etc.

For rooms in which one roommate is 21 or older while the other roommate is not of legal drinking age, the resident who is of legal drinking age may not consume alcohol in his/her room. Rooms where both or all roommates are of legal drinking age may consume alcohol inside their room and must keep their behavior from being disruptive. No guests under the age of 21 may be present in the room while the of-age roommate/guests are consuming alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is not allowed in any public areas of the building or in rooms occupied by underage residents. Most alcohol situations are brought to our attention because of disruptive behavior. This behavior is addressed through student conduct and may require attendance to behavioral Health Options. The cost of the Options program is the responsibility of the student. Alcohol violations carry with them the prospect of a Minor In Possession (MIP) and other criminal charges, and more severe consequences are dependent on the behavior displayed at the time of documentation.

2. Medical Marijuana

Although Montana state law permits the use of medical marijuana, i.e., use by persons possessing lawfully issued medical marijuana cards, federal laws prohibit marijuana use, possession and/or cultivation at educational institutions and on the premises of other recipients of federal funds.The use, possession or cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes is therefore not allowed in any University of Montana Western housing or any other University of Montana Western property; nor is it allowed at any University-sponsored event or activity off campus.

3. Candles, Incense & other fire hazards

Because of the threat of fire to residents and their property candles, incense, beanbag chairs, wall hangings that can obstruct fire sprinklers and halogen lamps are prohibited.  Possession of any of the above items will result in community service hours.  Items will be confiscated by Residence Hall Staff and held until semester ends.

4. Chemicals & Explosives

Chemicals and explosives (including firecrackers, explosive devices, combustion engines, flammable and explosive liquids, ammunition, and fireworks) are not allowed in the residence halls or Family Housing. This includes materials and devices which by themselves, or when combined, could be explosive, flammable, toxic, or dangerous (such as camping fuel).

5. Cooking in Rooms

Because of health concerns, only minimal cooking is allowed in residence hall rooms.  Popcorn poppers are allowed if there is no exposed heating element.  Coffee pots are allowed only if equipped with an automatic shutoff, but care should be taken to maintain these appliances.  Small microwave ovens are allowed if under 750 watts.  Refrigerators under 4 cubic feet are allowed.  Toaster ovens, toasters and George Forman-type grills are not allowed.  Items will be confiscated by Residence Hall Staff and held until semester ends.

6. Credit Requirements

Students living in campus housing are required to be a registered student while in residence.

7. Disruptive Behavior

Inappropriate behaviors that necessitate an additional response from campus or city personnel, or any behavior that can be construed as disruptive to the housing community are considered violations of policy.

8. Firearms

All weapons must be checked into the Residence Life gun safe. Under no circumstances are guns, bows, or ammunition to be carried onto residence hall floors or stored in family housing apartments. Knives which are intended for legitimate hunting purposes and simple pocketknives are allowed in the residence halls and family housing apartments (must be approved by Director of Residence Life).  However, severe disciplinary action will be taken against students displaying these knives in a threatening or challenging manner.  Any other sharp and/or pointed objects are not allowed-this includes decorative knives or swords. Handguns, pellet/B.B. guns, paint ball guns, wrist rockets, sling shots, blow guns and any other self-propelling apparatus are not allowed in the residence halls or family housing apartments; possession will result in immediate confiscation and possible removal from the residence halls and/or Montana Western. Ammunition is not to be stored in the Residence Life gun safe or Residence Hall/Family Housing rooms.

9. Fire Drills & Fire Equipment

Misuse of any fire equipment, starting fires, setting off false alarms, or failing to evacuate and/or hindering in the evacuation of others will result in disciplinary action and possible criminal action.

Participation in fire drills is mandatory.

Fire drills are conducted at least once each semester in each hall to inform residents of the proper evacuation procedures. The RA on each floor will explain the evacuation procedures at the first floor meeting and an evacuation plan is posted behind each residence hall room door. Be sure you are familiar with these procedures. Your life may depend on it.

Evacuation Guidelines:

  1. Open curtains, pull up blinds or shades.
  2. Close window.
  3. Put on shoes and a coat, in case you must remain outside for an extended period.
  4. Turn off all lights.
  5. Close door and take your room key as staff will enter your room to conduct a visual check and will lock your room door.
  6. Leave building by the nearest exit, unless that path is obstructed by fire, in which case, find an alternate exit.
  7. Use stairs, not elevators during evacuation, as you could become trapped.
  8. If you smell smoke while in your room, first feel your door and doorknob to determine if heat is present. If it is not, place a towel over your mouth and open your door. If you see smoke, crawl to the nearest exit (heat and smoke rise, and you are safer closer to the floor).
  9. When you feel your door, if heat is present, do not open your door. Put a towel over your mouth and under your door, open your window, hang a piece of white cloth out the window, and then close the window. The cloth will let firefighters know where to find you. Unless you live on the first floor, do not jump out of your window. Never break your window, as this will draw smoke into your room. Notify the Hall Director (406-925-9828) that you are still in your room.
  10. Remain outside until a signal is given to re-enter the building.

10. Fire Hazards

Residents are responsible for taking all possible precautions to prevent fires.  The use of multi-socket extension cords or the installation of non-approved wiring by residents is prohibited by fire regulations.

The use, possession, or storage of Hoverboards, Swagways, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, and similar devices, is prohibited on campus until safety standards for them can be developed and implemented, and the prohibition is lifted. Recent information has revealed that the batteries in the devices are dangerous and prone to explosion, creating a safety and fire risk. Until a time that the safety standards for these devices are improved, Residence Life has prohibited them from being in any of our residence halls or apartments.

11. Fire Safety

Do not risk your life in the case of fire. Call the fire department immediately at 911, evacuate your family housing apartment. In the interest of fire safety, keep all stairways, landings, and breezeways clean and free of obstructions such as barbecues, children’s toys, bikes, boxes, furniture, tires, large planters and the like. If barbecuing on the premises it is the responsibility of tenants to operate equipment using proper safety measures. Keeping barbeque grills at least 10′ away from all buildings or proches. Barbeque grills (propane or briquette) are not permitted on the second or third floor balconies due to fire hazard. We reserve the right to remove any obstructions that create unsafe or unsightly conditions. Garbage cannot be stored for any amount of time outside your apartment. Your garbage needs to be taken immediately to the dumpster in the back. If garbage is left outside your apartment, you will be billed for removal.

12. Furniture & Furnishings

Residents are not permitted to remove or alter any furniture or fixtures in their rooms or public areas. Due to limited space, residence hall room furnishings cannot be stored elsewhere in the halls. Additionally, public area furniture is intended for the use of all students and may not be used in private rooms. Due to significant fire hazard, halogen lamps are not allowed in the residence halls.

13. Guests & Visitation

Residents are allowed to have guests during the school year. A guest is limited to a maximum stay of six nights per month. Guest stay overs must be approved by a roommate. In all residence halls, members of the opposite sex must be escorted into the building and out of the building by a resident of that living area during quiet hours (Sunday through Thursday 10 p.m. to 10 a.m.; Friday and Saturday midnight to 10 a.m.). Guests without an escort may be removed from the building by a staff member. Residents are responsible for their actions and the actions of their guests at all times. Visitors and residents are reminded that they are not to use the bathroom facilities of the opposite sex at any time!

14. Quiet Hours & Noise

Students are expected to respond to each other’s requests for quiet whenever their behavior or the behavior of their guests is such that it creates a disturbance. Residents are expected to maintain a level of quiet conducive to community living and respond courteously to other residents’ and staff requests for quiet. Quiet hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m., and Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 10:00 a.m. Noise during quiet hours must not be audible outside the room with the door closed.

15. Roofs, Ledges, & Fire Escapes

Students are prohibited from being on rooftops, building ledges, or outside fire escapes.

16. Smoking

The use of tobacco (including cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, pipes, bidi, hookah, snus, orbs, vape, vapor, vaporizer pens, all forms of smokeless tobacco) by students, faculty, staff, guests, visitors, and contractors is prohibited on all properties owned or leased by The University of Montana Western.

17. Solicitation

General sales or solicitation are not allowed in the residence halls or Family Housing apartments, with the exception of newspaper delivery. Residents approached by unauthorized salespeople should notify a Residence Life staff member or the RLO.

18. Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed in residence hall rooms or family housing apartments. Christmas trees, pets, firearms & ammunition, television antennas, waterbeds, and motorized equipment.