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Standard Height Bed 

Standard height does not need a request as the beds are at standard height automatically. At the standard height, there is approximately 19.5 inches under the bed for storage.

Captain Height Bed

The mattress of this bed is located approximately 37 inches from the floor and gives you 31 inches under the bed which is plenty of room for under the bed storage without the use of a ladder to get into bed.

Loft Height Bed

At this level, the mattress on the bed is approximately 66 inches from the floor and allows for the placement and use of a desk, easy chair, or loveseat (not most couches) in the 56 inches of space under the bed.


Bunked Bed

The mattress on the bottom bed is approximately 29 inches from the floor and the top bed is approximately 66 inches from the floor. This leaves the floor space in the rest of the room available for desks and other furnishings and 19-1/2 inches under the bottom bed for storage. If requesting a bunked bed, please talk to your roommate. If you and your roommate decide to bunk your beds, both of you need to call the Residence Life Office at 406-683-7565 to confirm that request. Residence Life will not bunk beds unless both roommates request this option.


  • Once a resident moves into their room and requests a Bed Adjustment the resident must be present for the adjustment.
  • Bed adjustment will only take place Monday through Friday from 8am until 3:30pm.