Arica Crootof, Ph.D.



Block Hall 123




Arica is committed to helping her students succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. By engaging students in environmental science and sustainability education and research, her students are working to manage and protect natural resources throughout the Greater Yellowstone and High Divide region. Students work together to address local environmental challenges and learn to connect these local issues to global environmental debates. Students also gain valuable communication skills. Through Experience One courses, students develop interpersonal skills to effectively work in interdisciplinary teams and with local stakeholders. Students also create digital tools and storytelling to share their knowledge with diverse audiences.

Arica is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sustainability. As a human-environment geographer, Arica specializes in water resources management, human dimensions of global change, and science education and communication. By drawing on an interdisciplinary education – a B.A. in Environmental Science, a M.S. in Hydrology, and now a Ph.D. Candidate in Human-Environment Geography – Arica is leveraging both her physical and social science skills to study and teach the dynamic interactions among human and natural systems.

Arica’s research seeks to create more just transitions to renewable energy. She is studying how hydropower development in Nepal mountain river basins impacts river flows and the people who depend on them. By working with stakeholders, she is connecting her science with decision-makers to ensure these hydropower projects work for, not against, rural mountain communities.


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