Salsa & Merengue Dance Class

Put some pep in your step this winter. Immerse yourself in the exotic culture of Latin America right here at Montana Western. You will learn the basic steps in the first two lessons, and will continue from there to learn variations on theses steps. Every effort will be made to keep class fun and moving at a fast pace. Once you learn the basic steps and begin to move with the music, you may find it hard to keep from smiling as you dance. But don’t worry, you have permission to be happy while learning in this class! Exuberant and sexy, these dances are the most popular dance forms in Columbia and much of Latin America.

Mondays, February 24th—April 6th
Instructors: Irma America Bonilla Ayala and Larry Brazill
Location: Montana Western Wellness Center
Class Fee: $60/person or $100/couple
Pre-registration required to secure a spot in the class. Call Outreach today! 406-683-7537