1 Main Hall Complex
2 Business & Technology
3 Block Hall
4 Swysgood Technology Center
5 Lucy Carson Library
6 Emerick Art Studio
7 PIMA Medical Institute
8 La Cense Center of Equine Studies
9 Health and Human Performance Lab
Student Facilities
10 Dining Hall
11 Short Administration Building
Business Office
Financial Aid
12 Student Union Building (SUB)
Campus Bookstore
ASUMW/Student Senate
KDWG Radio Station
Bark 'n' Bite
Veterans & Military Exchange
Multicultural Center
13 Dean of Students Center
Disability Services
Birch Creek Center
14 Bulldog Athletic & Recreation Center
Straugh Gymnasium
Keltz Arena
Student Housing
15 Mathews Residence Hall
Lewis & Clark Room
Heritage Room
16 Family Housing
17 Jordan Residence Hall
18 Davis Residence Hall
Residence Life
Bulldog Card Center
19 Centennial Residence Hall
20 Clark Residence Hall
21 Roe House
22 Facilities Services
23 Heating Plant/Biomass Boiler
24 Chancellor's Residence
25 Legacy Plaza
26 Campus Community Garden
P Parking Areas