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Parent PLUS Loans

Parents should review both Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans and Private Education Loans-also called Alternative Loans-and determine the best option for them based on their credit and repayment options.

Below is information for both types of loans and it is the student/parents responsibility to determine which type of loan is best for the Parents.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Application Process for Parent Borrowers Only

To receive a Parent PLUS Loan at The University of Montana Western, you must answer “yes” to all of the following questions:

Has your child applied for admission and been accepted into an eligible program at Montana Western?

  1. Has your child applied for federal financial aid through the FAFSA form? Has it been processed and the results received by our school?
  2. Has your child received a financial aid award letter?
  3. Parents can now click on the following button to complete the online Parent PLUS Loan Request Process with credit check through the U.S. Department of Education:  Apply Online at
  4. Complete and return a Montana Western PLUS Direct Loan Application for Parents.

Private Education Loans

Private Education Loans, also known as Alternative Education Loans, help bridge the gap between the actual cost of your education and the limited amount the government allows students to borrow in its programs. Private loans are offered by private lenders and there are no federal forms to complete.

Many students/parents take out private education loans in order to finance their education. With that, it’s best to get as much information as possible before you begin the process.