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The University of Montana Western complies with the principles of privacy found in the Montana Constitution, Montana Code Annotated, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The student’s name and other identifying information, including address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, degrees awarded, and honors received may be considered public information, unless the student requests the University in writing to hold the information in confidence.

A student’s rights in a proceeding involving the Student Conduct Code include the following:

  1. All disciplinary proceedings are closed to the public. An open conference/ hearing may be held at the discretion of the administrative officer/chair of the adjudicating court only if requested by the student, unless closure of the proceedings is necessary to protect the overriding individual privacy rights of others.
  2. The University, including individuals involved in a disciplinary proceeding, will not disclose information to anyone not connected with the proceeding. The fact that there is a disciplinary proceeding concerning the incident may be disclosed; however, individual student identities will not be disclosed.
  3.  The University, including individuals involved in a disciplinary proceeding, will disclose the results of the proceedings, including sanctions imposed, only to those who need to know the results for purposes of record-keeping, enforcement of the sanctions, further proceedings, or compliance with federal or state law. The fact that a disciplinary proceeding has been concluded and appropriate action taken may be disclosed. The Campus Security Act of 1990 allows, but does not require, the University to disclose the results to an alleged victim of a violent crime.