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  1. An appeal by either party may be made in writing to the Chancellor after adjudication by The University Court.
  2. Appeals must be completed within ten (10) working days from the date of the letter notifying the student of The University Court’s decision.  The Chancellor will have ten (10) working days to respond to the appeal.
  3. The appeal is limited to:
    1. Whether the evidence provides a reasonable basis for the resulting findings and disciplinary sanction.
    2. Whether procedural errors deprived either party of a fair hearing.
  4. Each party may submit supplemental written statements.
  5. The Chancellor reviews the decision of The Court, and either approves or overrules the decision of The University Court.
  6. A copy of the Chancellor’s decision is provided to the student, the course instructor, Provost, or Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dean of Students Office, and The University Court Chair.
  7. The Chancellor’s decision includes directions for implementation. A decision to overrule may include an order for a new hearing to consider new or omitted evidence, or to correct procedural defects.
  8. The student may seek further administrative review by the President of The University of Montana, then the Commissioner of Higher Education, and finally the Board of Regents pursuant to Montana University System Policy and Procedures Manual, 203.5.1.

No appeals shall be considered that have not followed the established procedures and order of appeal through the appropriate process.