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Alpha Chi Honors Society

Alpha Chi is a select national honor society open to the top 10 percent of juniors and seniors who have completed at least 30 credits at Montana Western. Invitations are extended on the basis of GPA. Nominations may also be made on the basis of faculty recommendation.


Dr. John Hajduk (406) 683-7291

Art Club

The Art Club stands to provide an outlet for those students with a proactive interest in art to expose their own art work and view the work of their peers and advisors. They provide unique experiences and opportunities to developing students as well as provide positive exposure of Montana Western to the community at large through artistic activities.


Rebecca Weed or Nolan Salix at (406) 683-7232

Biology Club

The Biology Club is open to all students and non-students who are interested in biological sciences and how they relate to the world today. As a member you would participate in club activities including organizing the campus-wide Spring Research Symposium, helping K-12 students with science projects, and judging science fairs. The purpose of the club is to educate the campus and the Dillon community on biological issues as well as to emphasize biological research taking place at UMW.


Mike Morrow at (406) 683-7254 or Michelle Anderson at (406) 683-7076

Business Club

Comprised of students interested in business, the Business Club’s objectives are social as well as to provide an opportunity for students to learn leadership skills and develop future business relationships.


Dr. Fred Chilson at (406) 683-7178

Catholic Campus Ministry

An outreach of the Catholic Church, this group sponsors various social activities throughout the year, which all students are encouraged to attend. Catholic Campus Ministry meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m.


Father Herb Pins at (406) 683-4391

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

This fellowship holds weekly worship services, Bible studies, social activities, seasonal retreats, and service projects on campus. Club members are responsible for the management of the Midnight Cafe.


Nate Sgrignoli at (406) 853-4980

Climbing Club

The Climbing Club allows students interested in rock climbing and outdoor recreation to share skills and information and to meet people with whom to potentially rock climb.


Steve Mock at (406) 683-7261

Collegiate Stockgrowers Club

The purpose Collegiate Stockgrowers Club is to educate students on opportunities and careers in agriculture.  As a member of this club you would participate in organinzing the local farm fair, attend the annual Stockgrowers meeting, and attend the Denver National Stock show.


Brooke Erb at 406-683-7211.

Draft Horse Driving Club

The Draft Horse Driving Club’s purpose is to promote draft horse driving as an organized and standard sport. Club members seek to generate interest, understanding, appreciation, and vigilance over the western way of life, culture, and western affairs. They encourage the humane treatment of animals and would like to encourage students and community members to embrace activities of the west.


Margaret Hebel at (406) 925-1222

Drama Club

The Gargoyles/Drama Club promotes dramatic activity and familiarizes members with the different phases of dramatic production. Membership is open to all students and to the public regardless of drama experience.  As a member of this club you would participate in activities such as theatre productions, acting workshops, trips, and fundraising events.


Anthony Johnson at (406) 683-7038

Education Club

The mission of the Education Club is to offer UMW students and the surrounding community a chance to come together in formal and informal settings to enjoy and discuss education in all its forms and applications. Club members intend to accomplish this by facilitating support for inquisitive educators.


Dr. Laura Straus at (406) 683-7040

Education Club at Tech

The UMW Education Club at Tech is an outreach program for education students at Montana Tech in Butte. Through this club, education students can interact and network with other education students as well as build contacts for the future.


Kathy Shipman at (406) 496-4852

Equestrian Club

The equestrian team competes under the auspices, rules and regulations of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA), recognized members of the U.S.A. Equestrian Federation. Members may have experience in the sport or may be beginning horse enthusiasts. You may ride western or english and owning a horse is not required. The IHSA’s competitions are affordable because individual colleges/universities host each event and provide the horses. Riders are not allowed to use their own horses and personal tack and schooling/warm-ups are not permitted.


Iola Else at (406) 683-7018 of Eric Hoffmann at (406) 925-1499

Honors Club

The mission of the Honors Club is to facilitate interdisciplinary learning through the Honors Program at UMW. The Honors Student Association may organize speakers, trips, lecture series, service-learning opportunities , etc. with the purpose of furthering students’ educational experiences.


Cheryl Juergens at (406) 683-7308

Horseman’s Club

The University of Montana Western Horseman’s Club strives to promote and enhance the art of horsemanship. Club members foster camaraderie between enthusiasts of all horsemanship disciplines. Promoting interest, understanding, and appreciation of the western way of life and culture is one of the club’s primary goals. We encourage the humane treatment of livestock while enjoying the art of horsemanship. As a member you will participate in activities that will further your horsemanship expertise.


Eric Hoffmann at (406) 925-1499 or David Oleske (602) 510-9266

Humans In Performance (HIP Club)

The mission of HIP Club is to promote an appreciation of, commitment to, involvement in, and responsibility to the fields of health, physical education, recreation, and dance through involvement in club activities.


Dr. Megan Chilson at (406) 683-7336

Industrial Technology Club

The IT Club is available to all students interested in the fields of industrial technology, industrial arts, and vocational education. The primary focus is to offer you the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of technology and vocation forums as well as social activities.


Iola “Olie” Else at (406) 683-7539

International Club

The International Club seeks to raise international awareness on campus and in the community. The club provides foreign students with the opportunity to share their culture with our student body. As a member you would organize events to promote a multicultural/international curriculum and to inform students about international opportunities available to them.


Dr. Bill Janus at (406) 683-7019

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education. This club promotes excellence in and recognizes outstanding contributions to education; encourages professional growth; and honors achievement in educational work.


Marlene Stonelake at (406) 683-7616 or

Dr. Laura Straus at (406) 683-704

Libertine Party

UMW Libertine Party is a student organization dedicated to informing individuals of issues regarding personal liberty, rights, and resposibility, particularly for UMW students.  The club provides a wide variety of opportunities.  As a member you will host guest speakers, and organize student government debates.  You will have a voice in student liberties and serve as an outlet for other students to voice their concerns and opinions.


Dr. Sean Eudaily at (406) 683-7103

Montana Western College Republicans

Montana Western College Republicans promote the mission of the Republican Party.  As a member you would volunteer to work on campaigns to elect Republican candidates, host events, and develop political and leadership skills in preparation for public service.


Brooke Erb at (406) 683-7211

Music Club

The Music Club is open to all students interested in promoting musical activity on campus and in the community. As a member you would attend music education conventions and workshops, present recitals, and participate in several other musical events throughout the year.


Dr. Brent McCabe at (406) 683-7405

Paranormal Investigators Club

The University of Montana Western’s Research Association for Paranormal Studies works to enhance the University’s campus research for paranormal studies. As a member you will explore local and surrounding sites that may contain paranormal activity. Members are dedicated to learnig about paranormal phenomenon. Our club’s goal is to educate ourselves, as well as others, while maintaining professionalism in this unique field.


Kathey Hupp at (406) 683-7282


An organization holding weekly meetings, Peer-A-Zoids is open to all students interested in the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices. Members provide education and support in such areas as mental health, sexual health, physical fitness, nutrition, tobacco prevention, violence prevention, and alcohol abuse prevention through awareness campaigns and events to the students of UMW. Peer-A-Zoids members who complete trainings offered during school breaks may also present classroom and floor meeting presentations. In addition, the club sponsors accessibility to free, confidential sexual health supplies and information.


Lynn Weltzien at (406) 683-7180

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club provides all UMW students the opportunity to participate in psychology-related activities. As a member you would be part of an organization that provides support and academic guidance for students pursuing a career in the field of psychology. The Psychology Club also provides learning opportunities by sponsoring events that are open to all members of the campus community.


Dr. Mark Krank at (406) 683-7547

Rodeo Club

The Rodeo Club provides support for the Montana Western rodeo teams and hosts several functions each year, including the holiday food drive, Heritage Days, and Dillon college rodeo. The club hosts the rodeo team’s Community Appreciation Banquet.


Iola “Olie” Else at (406) 683-7539 or Cody Lahaye at (406) 683-7331

Rugby Club

The Rugby Club provides an outlet at the University of Montana Western for any persons interested in the sport of rugby. Emphasis is on team play, healthy living, and community outreach.


Cheryl Juergens at (406) 683-7308

Ski and Snowboard Club

The UMW Ski and Snowboard Club is a social and recreational club available to all UMW students. The club welcomes all abilities (beginner to expert) to participate in the lifelong sports of skiing and snowboarding. As a club member, you will receive discounted trips to winter resorts, local hills, and have the opportunity to ski and snowboard with other members who share your interest.


Kathey Hupp at (406) 683-7282

Student Leadership Club

The mission of the UMW Student Leadership Club is to give students the opportunity to participate in planning activities.  We facilitate student involvement on campus through sporting events and campus activities.


Anthony Johnson at (406) 683-7038

Terra Verde

Terra Verde is the official student organization of the Department of Environmental Sciences at The University of Montana Western. The clubs primary mission is to provide an outlet for students at UMW who are interested in the natural world. As a member you would participate in volunteer work with local agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service to provide you with field experiences in the environmental sciences during your academic tenure at UMW.  Activities include educational field trips to local natural treasures such as Yellowstone National Park, Craters of the Moon, and Glacier National Park.


Dr. Linda Lyon at (406) 683-7075

Twisted Ink Club

To enhance the English department of Montana Western, Twisted Ink Club reorganized the former English poetry club IGNU. Twisted Ink encourages creative writing among English majors, minors, and those who have a love of writing. The club publishes a webzine two to three times per year in which Montana Western students showcase their literary talents. As a member you will learn or improve editorial skills through editing and publishing manuscripts.


Shane Borrowman at (406) 683-730

Vet Science Club

This club provides an opportunity for students to interact with each other and faculty with an interest in veterinary medicine, science, and techniques.  You will be part of an experiential learning environment, working with both large and small animals.


Dr. Jan Winderl at (406) 683-7030 or (406) 683-7330

Veteran and Military Club

This club provides an opportunity for all students to interact with others with an interest in supporting veterans, military service members, their families, and their advocates.  It establishes peer support for those transitioning from the military to civilian community.  You will build relationships and gain access to resources through activities and outreach.


Wendy Dumke at (406) 683-7537

Western Gaming Alliance

The purpose of the Western Gaming Alliance is to offer students and the surrounding community a chance to come together in an informal setting to enjoy a wide variety of gaming activities.


Dr. Sean Eudaily (406) 683-7103

Wrestling Club

This collegiate wrestling club provides an opportunity for students to interact with other students who have a similar interest in wrestling. As a member you will compete with students from other teams in a controlled environment. This club provides an outlet for students to release energy, reduce stress, and learn new competitive and self-defense skills. Participants represent UMW by promoting school spirit and community involvement.


Dan Payne at (406) 683-7037 or (406) 596-7037

Young Farmers and Ranchers Club

The purpose of this organization is to further communication among people with an interest in agricultural issues, to educate students about the work of an agricultural organization, and to provide experience with local, state, and national government through active participation in legislative activities. As a member you will learn about Farm Bureau policies and activities and promote agriculturally related occupations.


Iola Else at (406) 683-7539