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Accreditation is crucial not only for a university’s reputation; it is also vital to the value of an institution’s degree.

Accreditation is the process by which an educational institution is evaluated and certified by a federally sanctioned accrediting body.
The University of Montana Western works with three accrediting bodies: the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, and the International Association for Collegiate Business Education.
The University of Montana Western’s accreditation self studies and each accrediting body’s final reports are all available through this site.

Montana Western is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The accrediting body, the largest 
in the country, includes 163 colleges in the seven-state region.

According to NWCCU, regional accreditation of postsecondary institutions is a voluntary, non-governmental, self-regulatory process of quality assurance and institutional improvement. It recognizes higher education institutions for performance, integrity, and quality to merit the confidence of the educational community and the public.

Accreditation or preaccreditation by a postsecondary regional accrediting agency qualifies institutions and enrolled students for access to federal funds to support teaching, research, and student financial aid.

Ad-Hoc Self Evaluation Report: In response to a NWCCU request, the ad hoc report addresses mission fulfillment and assessment of learning outcomes for developmental education, general education, and academic programs.

NWCCU Response to Ad Hoc Report
Ad Hoc Report

Comprehensive Evaluation Committee Report: In accordance with a 10-year comprehensive accreditation review, this report details NWCCU’s findings, commendations and recommendations to UMW based on a university self-study and NWCCU’s 2010 campus visit.

Evaluation Committee Report

UMW 2010 Comprehensive Self-Study: This report, prepared by the UMW Accreditation Steering Committee, gives a general overview of Montana Western and addresses NWCCU’s nine accreditation standards.

2010 Montana Western Self Study

Evaluation Committee Notification Letter: In accordance with a year seven comprehensive accreditation review, this letter details the NWCCU’s findings, commendations and recommendations to UMW based on a university self-study and NWCCU’s 2018 campus visit.

Year Seven Notification Letter

UMW 2018 Year Seven Self-Study: This report gives a general overview of Montana Western and addresses NWCCU’s five accreditation standards.

2018 Montana Western Self Study

UMW 2019 Year One Mission and Core Themes Self-Evaluation Report: This progress report provides an update of institutional changes since 2018 and a response to topics requested by the Commission. The remainder of the report addresses eligibility requirements, provides a thorough self-evaluation of Montana Western’s mission and core themes relative to NWCCU Standards 1.A and 1.B, and concludes with a definition of mission fulfillment grounded in the institution’s purpose, characteristics, and expectations.

UMW 2019 Year One Mission and Core Themes Self-Evaluation Report

UMW 2018 Supporting Documentation for Year Seven Self-Study


NWCCU Year Three Self-Evaluation 2013
NWCCU Year Three Reaffirmation Letter-July 24, 2013
NWCCU Spring 2014 Ad Hoc Report
NWCCU Spring 2014 Ad Hoc Report Response
NWCCU Fall 2015 Ad Hoc Report
NWCCU Fall 2015 Ad Hoc Report Response

Standard One: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations

ASUMW Mission Bookmark
Montana Western Tactical Document
Faculty Strategic Plan Presentation 2016
Staff Strategic Plan Presentation 2016

Standard Two: Resources and Capacity

Campus Master Plan
Campus Technology Plan
Chancellor Organizational Chart
Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Organizational Chart
Vice Chancellor of Administration, Finance, and Student Affairs Organizational Chart
University Council-Statement of Purpose
ASUMW Constitution
ASUMW Bylaws
Beth Weatherby CV
Department Unit Standards
Deborah Hedeen CV
Susan Briggs Resume
ASUMW High Risk Clubs Handbook
Payroll and Benefits Packet (On Campus Exhibit)
2016 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
Standard Evaluation Form
2017-18 University Committee List
2014-15 General Education Assessment Report
2015-16 General Education Assessment Report
2016-17 General Education Assessment Report
School of Outreach Strategic Plan
School of Outreach Credit Bearing Course Proposal
School of Outreach Non-Credit Bearing Course Proposal
Admissions Recruitment Plan
2004-2014 Cohort Default Rates
Advising Manual
2016-17 IPEDS Finance Report
LRBP Request and Deferred Maintenance Plan
LRBP Request to Missoula
2017 Annual Revenue Bond Audit
2017 Schedule of Internal Controls
UM Debt Schedule
FCI Summary Report
FCI Detailed Report
Foundation Strategic Plan
Campus Technology Plan
Foundation Audit AY 17
Foundation Operating Agreement
UMW Foundation Policies and Procedures
Hazardous Waste Handbook (On Campus Exhibit)

Standard Three: Institutional and Core Theme Planning

NWCCU 2011 Year-One Self Study
Strategic Plan Committee Charge
2015-16 Strategic Plan Committee Membership
Strategic Planning Process
Admissions Recruitment Plan
LRBP Request and Deferred Maintenance Plans
Administration, Finance Student Affairs Goals and Accomplishments
Campus Master Plan
School of Outreach Strategic Plan
2017-18 Strategic Plan Committee Membership
ASUMW Constitution
ASUMW Bylaws
Academic Affairs Restructure
SEM Presentation
SEM Workbook
Academic Enrollment Dashboards Examples
Academic Graduation Dashboards Examples
Fall 2015 Cohort Retention Report
Budget Committee Presentations
Emergency Operations Plan (On Campus Exhibit)
Emergency Preparedness Flip Book (On Campus Exhibit)
Academic Plan Template
Program Outcome Template

Standard Four: Assessment and Improvement

Staff Strategic Plan Presentation 2016
Faculty Strategic Plan Presentation 2016
MUS Intent to Plan Form
MUS Curriculum Proposal Form
Department Assessment Report Form Template
MUS Program Review Template
2013 Assessment Report to Leadership
2014 Assessment Report to Leadership
2015 Assessment Report to Leadership
Montana Western’s Program Review Schedule
2011-12 Seven Year Program Review
2013-14 Seven Year Program Review
2014-15 Seven Year Program Review
2015-16 Seven Year Program Review
Student Satisfaction Survey
2017-18 Technology Steering Committee Minutes to Date
2016-17 NAIA Champion of Character Scorecard
Faculty Development Summary
NWCCU Ecology Approval Letter
Inventory and Assessment of Poindexter Slough in the Beaverhead River Drainage
Glass Program Proposal Form (MUS)
Glass Program Future Map
HHP Curious Minds Proposal
ACUE Cohort Progress Report 1
ACUE Cohort Progress Report 2
NSSE High Impact Practices Summary
2017 Symposium Abstract Book
TRiO SSS 2014-15 Report
TRiO SSS 2015-16 Report
Student Withdraw Packet
Withdraw Representative Packet
Fall 2015 Cohort Retention Report
Paw Prints Presentation
Paw Prints Events Advertisements
Community Garden Mission Statement and Project Goals 2017-18

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

The Department of Education at the University of Montana Western is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This accreditation indicates that Montana Western has met national professional standards for the preparation of teachers. Accreditation is granted at the initial teacher preparation level. This accreditation status is effective between spring 2016 and spring 2023. The next on-site visit will take place in fall 2022.

Exit Survey Summary 2017
Hiring Data Summary
Observation Student Teachers Summary
Performance of TEP Graduates
School Administrators Survey Summary
Summative Evaluation Summary 2017
Teacher Work Sample Summary 2017


Montana Western’s business and technology program is the first in Montana to receive accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

University of Montana Western has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Business

According to the IACBE, the accrediting body is committed to a developmental approach to achieving excellence in business education. The IACBE and its members function in a collaborative and cooperative manner and encourage each other toward higher levels of quality in business education.

Since its founding in 1997, the IACBE has grown into a premier professional accreditation body for student-centered colleges and universities, with well over 200 members in the United States and throughout the world.

More Information

Member Document
UMW Public Disclosure of Student Achievement

Please direct all accreditation inquiries to Deborah Hedeen, provost and accreditation officer.

Deborah Hedeen | provost, accreditation officer | 406-683-7115 |