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The University Court, appointed by the Provost, consists of four faculty members nominated by the President of the University Faculty Association (two from Education, Business & Technology, and two from Arts & Sciences); one faculty member nominated by the Academic Admissions & Standards Committee; three undergraduate students nominated by the ASUMW President. The Chair is selected by the members of The University Court from among the faculty appointees at the first meeting.

No member of The University Court may sit on a case if the member is:

  • From the same academic unit as the faculty member charging a student with misconduct or the accused student; or
  • Otherwise closely associated personally or professionally with the faculty member or student. A Court member should disqualify himself/herself when any grounds for disqualification are present. The accused student may assert grounds for disqualification of a Court member to the Court Chair no later than three (3) working days prior to the scheduled hearing. The Chair shall implement a disqualification when warranted by the facts asserted.