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Academic misconduct is subject to an academic penalty by the course instructor and/or a disciplinary sanction by the University. Academic misconduct is defined as all forms of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to:

1.   Plagiarism

Representing another person’s words, ideas, data, or materials as one’s own.

2.   Misconduct during an examination or academic exercise

Copying from another student’s paper, consulting unauthorized material, giving information to another student or collaborating with one or more students without authorization, or otherwise failing to abide by the University or instructor’s rules governing the examination or academic exercise without the instructor’s permission.

3.   Unauthorized possession of examination or other course materials

Acquiring or possessing an examination or other course materials without authorization by the instructor.

4.   Tampering with course materials

Destroying, hiding, or otherwise tampering with source materials, library materials, laboratory materials, computer system equipment or programs, or other course materials.

5.   Submitting false information

Knowingly submitting false, altered, or invented information, data, quotations, citations, or documentation in connection with an academic exercise.

6.   Submitting work previously presented in another course

Knowingly making such submission in violation of stated course requirements.

7.   Improperly influencing conduct

Acting calculatedly to influence an instructor, the instructor’s supervisor, or any Western administrator to assign a grade other than that actually earned.

8.   Substituting, or arranging substitution, for another student during an examination or other academic exercise

Knowingly allowing others to offer one’s work as their own.

9.   Facilitating academic dishonesty

Knowingly helping or attempting to help another commit an act of academic dishonesty, including assistance in the arrangement whereby any work, classroom performance, examination activity, or other academic exercise is submitted or performed by a person other than the student under whose name the work is submitted or performed.

10. Altering transcripts, grades, examinations, or other academic-related documents

Falsifying, tampering with, or misrepresenting a transcript, other academic records, or any material relevant to academic performance, enrollment, or admission.