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The Student Conduct Code, embodying the ideals of academic honesty, integrity, human rights, and responsible citizenship, governs all student conduct at Montana Western. Student enrollment in the University presupposes a commitment to the principles and policies embodied in this Code. In addition, students remain responsible under the civil and criminal laws of the State of Montana and the United States like any other citizen.

The Student Conduct Code ensures certain substantive and procedural rights to students charged with violating the Standards of Student Conduct. The Standards of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures follow.

Students at Montana Western may be subject to other University policies or regulations, as well as the Student Conduct Code. Other departments also may have specific professional conduct or honor codes.

The official source of procedure for conduct, discipline, and grievance purposes is this Student Handbook.

Violations of University vehicle and traffic regulations are governed by the procedures set forth in Montana Western’s Vehicle, Parking and Traffic Regulations, available at the Traffic Control Office.

Wherever referred to in this Code, administrative officers of the University include the officers and their designees.

Montana Western also has an obligation to uphold the laws of the larger community of which it is a part. While the laws of the larger community and the Student Conduct Code may overlap, they operate independently and do not substitute for each other. Montana Western may pursue enforcement of its rules whether or not legal proceedings are underway or in prospect, and may use information from third party sources, such as law enforcement agencies and the courts, to determine whether University rules have been broken. Conversely, Montana Western makes no attempt to shield members of the campus community from the law, nor does it automatically intervene in legal proceedings against members of the Montana Western community.

When a complaint is filed with appropriate Montana Western officials charging a student with violating the Student Conduct Code, Montana Western is responsible for conducting an investigation, initiating charges, and adjudicating those charges. Although the complainant’s responses are sought during the disciplinary process, the judgment of the case is the responsibility of the designated administrative officer. If the complainant decides to withdraw the complaint, Montana Western may proceed with the case on the basis of other testimony

Off Campus Offenses

In exceptional circumstances, Student Conduct Code charges may be initiated against a student who engages in conduct off-campus that allegedly constitutes a criminal offense under Montana or Federal criminal law and directly and seriously threatens the health and safety of members of the campus community. A student or Montana Western employee having knowledge of the off-campus offense may file a complaint with the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students office, with the advice and counsel of appropriate professional staff to determine whether requirements for off-campus application of Student Conduct Code charges are met, recommends to the Chancellor whether such charges should be made. In reaching a decision, the Chancellor considers whether criminal charges have been or will be filed and whether the alleged offender is in the custody of criminal justice authorities. Disciplinary procedures for General Misconduct apply to charges initiated under this section. Application of this code to off-campus offenses is subject to procedures in Student Code of Conduct Section IV.C.1 (General Behavior Discipline Procedures) of this Handbook.